Insurance Company Gjensidige is a subsidiary of the Norwegian non-life insurance company Gjensidige Forsikring in the Baltics offering all types of non-life insurance.

The history of Gjensidige Forsikring, the shareholder of Gjensidige Baltic, traces back to 20-ties of the 19th century, although the name of Gjensidige (in Norwegian means “interrelated”) has been used since 1932. In Norway, Gjensidige holds one third share of the non-life insurance market. The company’s subsidiaries operate in the Baltics, Denmark and Sweden.

in 2015 the Gjensidige aquires insurance company “PZU Lietuva” and in 2016 renames it into Joint-Stock insurance company “Gjensidige”.

In 2010 became owners of the Swedish non-life insurance company „Länsförsäkringar International“, which works under the name of „Nordicia“ in the Baltic states.

In the beginning of year 2009, “Gjensidige Baltic” purchased 100 percent of “RESO Europa” shares.

From year 2008, the company works under the AAS “Gjensidige Baltic” Lithuanian branch name.

In 2006 “Parekss insurance companies’” shares were bought by the leader of the Norwegian insurance market, the „Gjensidige Forsikring“.

During 2001, Latvian non-life insurance company “Parekss insurance company” became a “Baltic Polis” shareholder.

In 1993 „Gjensidige Baltic“ Lithuanian branch was started by registering Lithuanian capital non-life insurance company “Baltic Polis”.