ERGO Group in Lithuania is among the leaders of the insurance market in the country. ERGO Group is the only group in Lithuania providing all insurance services: non-life, life, health and pension funds.

ERGO Group in Lithuania belongs to ERGO International, which is one of the largest groups in Europe. The group hosts companies such as Victoria, DKV, D.A.S., ERV, MEAG, etc., under its umbrella. ERGO Group operates in 31 countries of the world and has 40m clients. Annual turnover of the Group amounts EUR 19 bn. The principal shareholder of the Group is the largest global reinsurance company – Münich Re.

ERGO Group in Lithuania is a member of ERGO Group in the Baltic States. Having centralised the management, ERGO presently is the only insurance company with a joint Board in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. ERGO provides services to more than 400,000 clients in these countries.

ERGO sales network in Lithuania covers all largest cities and towns of the country. The Group has 8 regional centres and 65 representative offices in Lithuania at large. Presently, it is one of the most universal sales networks of the country.

ERGO Group in Lithuania unites the following companies: ERGO LIETUVA, ERGO Life Insurance SE, and a branch of ERGO Invest.

ERGO LIETUVA has been successfully operating since 1991. It is the second largest non-life insurance company in Lithuania occupying strong positions in transport, property, third party liability and other types of insurance.

ERGO Life Insurance SE is a life insurance company operating in Lithuania, which boasts of the longest insurance traditions and history. The Company was established in 1995. Long years of experience and financial stability enable ERGO Life Insurance SE to maintain leading positions in Lithuania in the area of classical endowment life insurance.

ERGO Invest started its operations in 1999. The main business of the Company is management, administration and lease of fixed assets of ERGO Group in Lithuania, as well as collection and analysis of information about the situation in the real estate market.

During long years of business ERGO Group in Lithuania has accumulated considerable authorised capital, solid insurance reserves, and other assets ensuring the solvency of the Company and security for its clients.

Financial reliability, exceptional attention to the client, quality services and proficiency are the cornerstones enabling ERGO Group in Lithuania to achieve outstanding results and be among the leaders in the insurance market of the country.