Österreichische Kreditversicherung Coface AG, Austrian company, exercising it`s rights to render services, established branch in the Republic of Lithuania – Coface Austria Kreditversicherung AG branch in Lithuania. It was based on reorganizing of JSC IC “Lietuvos eksporto ir importo draudimas” in 2006.

With over 75 years of experience and the most extensive international network, Coface is a leader in trade credit insurance and adjacent specialty services, including Factoring, Single Risk insurance, Bonding, and Information Services. Coface’s experts work to the beat of the global economy, helping ~50,000 clients in 100 countries build successful, growing, and dynamic businesses.

The national agency of export credits JSC insurance company “Lietuvos eksporto ir importo draudimas” was founded in December 1997. The company was a real member of international network Credit Aliance, founded by “Coface”, the insurance company of France. Former shareholders: State Property Fund, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Intermediators Trading Association of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. The company’s authorized capital was 15,36 million litas.