Balcia Insurance SE has many years of work experience. Founded in 1993 In Latvia under the name “Baltijas Transporta apdrošināšana”, later known as the BTA trademark. Since 2002 the company expanded its activities in the Baltic region, opening branches in Lithuania and Estonia.
In 2015 the company is restructured by dividing the business. The Baltic markets portfolio was transferred to the established subsidiary. It operates in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain under the name of “Balcia Insurance SE”. After the sale of the subsidiary company’s shares and business in the Baltic States, since 2016, the company has focused on business development outside the Baltic States region.
In 2017 the company marked its return to the Baltic market by establishing the “Balcia Insurance” branch in Lithuania and developing new products in the private and business sectors.
The insurance company operates an effective and safe reinsurance policy. Risk is diversified by spreading it among several reinsurers. Balcia works with well-known international reinsurance companies with an impeccable reputation. Most reinsurers have Standard and Poor’s or A.M. Best” rating above A-.