Mandatum Life is one of Finland’s most respected and solvent financial services provider and part of the succesful Sampo Group. We provide our customers with a variety of services, including wealth management, investments, savings, personal risk insurance as well as incentive and reward solutions.

The entire stock of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited is owned by Sampo plc. Mandatum Life Group owns Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE, which operates in the Baltic countries and has its registered office in Estonia. In Latvia and Lithuania, the company operates through branch offices.

Mandatum Life has an estimated 250,000 private and 25,000 corporate customers. The company’s market share in unit-linked insurance in Finland was 28.2% in 2010. In direct business, the company’s overall market share in Finland was 22.0%, and in the Baltics the company enjoyed a 19% share of the market in 2010.