Lietuvos Draudimas is the leader of the insurance market in Lithuania and the largest insurance company in the Baltic States. It is a rapidly growing and modern insurance company chosen by every third resident who gets insured. Here are the main facts about company:

in 1921 the predecessor – “Lietuvos valstybinio apdraudimo įstaiga” was founded.

in 1996 The state insurance institution is being reorganized into “AB Lietuvos draudimas”.

in 1997 company’s shares start trading on the National Stock Exchange.

in 2014 PZU S.A. insurance group becomes the main company shareholder.

Lietuvos Draudimas holds more than one third of non-life insurance market of the country, serving over 663 000 of private and commercial clients per year.

The company offers one of the biggest insurance service networks for clients in more than 100 units located in various cities and towns of the country.

In 2011 National Insurance Brokers Association was awarded for the “Proper loss coverage”.